University SpinOff

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna


ROBOSECT provides a robotic platform to automate the process of manufacturing and quality control of industrial switchboards which, due to the diversity of components and switchboards produced, is nowadays still performed manually.


ROBOSECT goal is to embrace AI and robot learning solutions to enhance the automatic process and simplify the operation of human labor when dealing with complex objects like wires and cables.



CAD Interface

RoboSECT utilizes the digital twin created by interfacing with electrical design software such as EPLAN to streamline the process and increase efficiency.

AI-Powered Vision

The AI-based vision system is able to easily identify all the components in the switchgear by analyzing images and using machine learning algorithms to match them to the digital twin.

Robotic Planning & Collision Avoidance

Collision-free motion planning allows the robotic platform to move and operate in the manufacturing space without the risk of colliding with other objects or equipment. It is independent of the robot platform chosen and can adapt to different configurations and layouts of the manufacturing space.



Kevin Galassi

CEO & Co-Founder

Alessio Caporali

CTO & Co-Founder

Davide Chiaravalli

Advisor & Co-Founder

Gianluca Palli

Advisor & Co-Founder